Squishing Tomatoes

Tomatoes are annoying – they are so soft, you can squirt juice across the kitchen without even trying – but without a sharp knife the darn things refuse to cut. An onion you can muscle to your will with a dull blade, but for tomatoes one wrong move and you have ketchup. Which is great if you wanted ketchup, not so great is you wanted neat slices.

There was a metaphore in there, somewhere. I think it was supposed to be about thick skins and squishy insides, and then somehow relate back to writing, but…

Salsa. A book is like salsa – there are lots of different ways to make it, but nearly every one involves tomatoes.

No, that’s not right either. My favorite salsa is Verde, which uses tomatillos, second cousin to the tomato.

Editing – that was it. You need a sharp knife for editing a novel – no, don’t cut the pages up (although I have literally done that once. Do you have any idea how many paragraphs there are in a 50,000 word manuscript? A lot.) But if you try to brute force your way through editing, you end up with novel ketchup. And then it just turns into a mess and you need to start all over and wash the cutting board…

Well, that was still a very stange and probably ineffective metaphor. I think really I just hate cutting tomatoes.


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