Fantasy Cyberpunk test scene

Drey pulled out with a grunt and threw the gold-plated linkup hardware across the room. Meg dove to catch it before the delacate peices hit the ground.

“Cyberspace was not made for dragons,” Drey growled. She snorted, nearly catching some papers in the corner on fire.

“I designed this system, of course it’s made for dragons,” Meg answered. She cradled the headset and reformed a bent wire.

“Then it’s not meant for mages. I’ll have a headache for a week now,” Drey grumbled. She prowled to the corner of the room and flopped down, sprawled across the small space. Meg moved her tattered wing and reconnected the headset, running diagnostics.

“I’ll find more gold at the next swap meet. But did you at least get what we needed?” Meg asked.

“Probably. You go check genious. I had to pull out in a hurry. Spiders.” Drey turcked her head under a wing and glared through the slits.

“Did Gigabyte contact you?” Meg asked.

“No. Too many watchers. You need to redo the portals. Again.” Drey lifted her head as the delecate sound of hoof-steps approached. Meg opened the door and laid a hand on Celeste’s side, guiding her blind friend around the mess of equipment.

“I thought you were sleeping,” Meg said.

“Not anymore. The mission didn’t go so well?” Celeste asked. She rubbed her horn across her foreleg. Drey huffed.

“It didn’t go horribly. Only nothing went right,” Drey said.

Meg rubbed her forehead. “I’ll go in myself in the morning. We need those codes, and I’ll have to erase our trace.”

“I can run back end if Drey is comfortable with the computers,” Celeste said.

“I’d appreciate the backup. Drey?” Meg asked.

“Hey, if the unicorn wants in, I can push a few buttons. Just let me sleep first.” Drey curled up, and was snoring within seconds. Meg rolled her eyes. She’d never seen anyone else fall asleep so fast.

“We will find him,” Celeste laid her head on Meg’s shoulder. Meg reached up and scratched her ears.

“I’m just scared we’ll be too late,” Meg answered.


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