On Space Cats

…because we just need more cats in space. Preferably with jet packs and laser eyes. Just imagine if instead of creepy, tentacled aliens invading, it was baskets of adorable kittens that landed outside of old lady’s houses and from their staged their ultimate invasion? Think about it – they are fed and cared for while plotting the ultimate demise of the planet, all while we go about our lives none the wiser, watching their antics with amusement. Of course those antics are really them adjusting to our different gravity and physics while waiting for their jetpacks to arrive.

And the cat videos – millions of seemingly innocent videos that are slowly encouraging us to see our future feline overlords as benevolent and adorable instead of the bloodthirsty tyrants they are.

And when the real invasion happens, who among us would shoot a basket full of kittens without hesitation? Of course all they need is that one moment of hesitation before they release their laser beams and destroy us utterly.

And this might be the last time I accept a writing dare from my little brother.


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