A love story, part one

A bit of background – these are characters from my soon-to-be-published (hopefully!) novel, The Blood that Binds. It’s a bit of character development that unfortunately will not make it into the final story, but who doesn’t love reading the letters between a young prince and his betrothed – a princess in a far away land?



You were completely wrong about the train – it is so too being built, and when you come to visit I will even take you on a ride on it. Papa says it should be ready by then. So there!

And teacher says that a letter has to be more than three sentances, so I guess I can tell you that my ornithopter is almost ready. It would be ready now except politics and stuff. Papa got busy, and mama won’t let me work on it myself. Honestly, I only passed out once, and that was an accident! My brother can get away with murder, but me?

Oh, I got some new books – there’s even one about all the strange little laws that kind of get forgotten about. Did you know that technically it’s illegal to cross the Sylvan border with a duck on your head? I really want to know why that had to be a law, it seems so silly.

Well, now my hand is cramping, so that’s all you will get out of me this time. Write back soon, because by the time this reaches you I will need something else to read.

Kily, crown princess of the Artificer Empire

p.s. I will also outrank you when we are wed, so there.


Crown Princess Kily Keandra,

I Jace, prince of Sylva, send you greetings. I’m sure there must be more rules for this sort of thing, but I don’t know them. Please don’t be mad.

I wasn’t completely wrong about the train – it was not built by the time we had that argument, so it didn’t exist. I’m not sure riding on it is such a good idea though – runes kind of tend to explode around me. I don’t want to break your train on my first visit.

I like it when you don’t pass out. Well, I like you, and, uh, yeah, just please don’t die, ok? But what is an ornithopter? Can you send me a picture? It sounds interesting. Except I would probably explode that too. Runes don’t like me much.

I’m sending you my favorite book – I hope you like it. I even wrote down some of the stories my mother used to tell – they’re Canyith, so it’s kind of different. If you like them I am sure I can get her to tell me more that I can send you.

And I should probably stop writing before I embarrass myself even more.

Ever yours,




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