A Love Story, part 2

The continuing letters between my two young loves…

Hey prince-boy!

Heh. Sorry, your last letter was so stiff and formal I had to. Oh, ignore the other sheet of drivel I included in the envelope, my tutor made me sit down and write a letter with all the proper formalities. It was boring and stupid. I like you, and you already know all my dirty little secrets (I’m assuming so anyways – you did say you were a telepath) so let’s just honest.

I tried to draw you a picture of my ornithopter, but it turned out looking like a mass of unidentifiable squiggles. You will just have to come and see it. And exploding runes sound exciting! Although I might coat some of the more sensitive ones in gold – I’ve heard the Roses say gold is like the anti-silver for mages, right? You’ll have to tell me everything, so I can get the palace ready for when you get here for good.

Oh, the book! I loved it, your mother is so cool! I wish my mother was like that. She’s kind of boring and tired all the time. Papa says she’s sick, mama always adds on “of politics.” I can’t wait to be eighteen so I can take over for them and they can retire to a cottage like they always wanted. You don’t mind marrying an Empress, right? Well, you better not, because it’s happening, and you can’t back out now. It wouldn’t be fair.

Ok, got to go. Send me a real letter next time, you can skip all the boring stuff at the beginning. I know what my name is and what your name is.

Love ya Jace,




I appologize for the ink-splatters, I’m trying to write this in the high tower with my eyes stinging from stupid burning silverbane. I hate it when Eras is in her glory. It’s so loud, I can hear everyone, I can’t tune them out.

Yeah, don’t be jealous of my power, it sucks. Especially when you’re threatened with blood-binding all the time. Silverbane or solitude is the only way I can get at least a little peace. Why does everybody have to think so loudly?

And then Nazad – I hate him. He’s evil, but he claims Andraste blood so dad won’t listen. And Nazad… he’s just evil. Absolutely.

Alex is a pain, as always. He gets everything, while I just get the scraps. I wish I was normal like him. It doesn’t help that he’s cute. And the heir. I should be heir, I’m older. I hate being a mage.

I should stop ranting.

Jace out



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