Schrodinger’s Cat

There is something freeing about being able to go anywhere and do anything. Nothing’s stopping you, so you might as well chase that dream. Being both alive and dead really means that there’s nothing stopping you.

Well, until the box is opened and the choice has to be made. Maybe if we humans lived in a vacuum, free from any outside influence, we could truly be anything. But, the box is always open. You have to be something – man, woman, child, parent, old, young… you get the idea. Human beings are always in relation to something. vacuums don’t exist. There are some things I cannot be, and some things I cannot say I am not.

But that’s a different kind of freeing. Those relations mean that there is a lifeline when everything falls apart, and that the billions of choices become millions – which is a much more manageable number. boundaries give us something to work around and overcome. They give shape to what would otherwise be a gelatinous mess. You may color outside the lines, but that is only rebellion if the lines exist in the first place.


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