I’m still alive!

Yeah… can’t even pretend to have been busy for that long. Have an introduction to my new Pathfinder character, Tien Nala, the bard.

The tavern was a surprising burst of sound and light in the middle of the vast bamboo forest. Of course the main road ran a hundred feet past the door, and a few houses and other buildings huddled around the building as if for warmth, but for Tien it meant a roof overhead and coins in her purse, if all went well.

Of course things hadn’t been “going well” for the past three weeks – ever since her overbearing father had finally gotten sick of her antics and told her in no uncertain terms to take her music elsewhere. Which was just fine with Tien, considering stories for song were much more likely to happen on the open road than in the stuffy confines of her family’s sprawling estate. Her original plan had been to go find Ling, her favorite older brother, and annoy him until he let her tag along on his adventures, but after her maps had gotten lost in a disastrous river crossing Tien was simply hoping that the road she was on led to a city. Eventually.

The tavern door opened easily at Tien’s touch. Inside was a rowdy cross-section of humanity – soldiers, adventures, travelers,  thieves and highwaymen… Tien pulled out her lute and used the motion to make sure that her dagger was within easy reach. There were people here who looked like they might like to take advantage of a Warlord’s youngest daughter – even a dispossessed youngest daughter.

“Are you going to play that thing or just hold it little girl?” someone shouted. Tien took a breath and smiled.

“But of course my good sir. What is a bard without her song?” A strum that was only slightly better than a strangled cat on a chalkboard. Tien kept her smile in place as she tuned her instrument.

Those first pure notes though. Those were magic. Tien let the music flow, commanding the room until coins began to pile up in front of her and the barkeep handed her a drink. Maybe things were looking up.


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