Nearly ten years the Summer Fair had gone on – every year the government had tried to shut it down, convinced that it was a den of mages, thieves, and hackers. The organizers, however, always had every form complete in triplicate, every license up-to-date, and boasted that never in the ten years since the fair had taken over the strip of Main Street between first and fifth had there ever been an incident. So every year during the last week of summer people flocked to the grass and gardens that had somehow hung on in the middle of the city for food, music, and street performers.

Of course the street fair really was a cover for mages, thieves and hackers to do their business, but that wasn’t something everybody needed to know. Why ruin a good thing with something as inconvenient as facts? So long as everybody minded their own business, the Fair was the perfect cover. Besides, city government wasn’t so heartless as to deny the children their weekend of amusement rides and cotton candy.


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