Jace and Joan


My favorite main characters, Jace Windsong, the Telepath, and Joan Firedance, the Warden.


Camp NaNo!


Character art for a lovely person over on the NaNoWriMo forums. Plus I got to figure out how to draw a wheelchair. Just don’t ask what’s holding that wheel on. 🙂

Pyra Andraste


The world is broken – or perhaps I am. Life hangs in a delicate balance between love and rage, and both war within me like starving wolves. With my gift – my curse – I can tip the balance one way or the other. I can bring destruction or healing. Does that make me a god then? All I want is to feel, and lay the writhing emotions within me to rest. All I wish is to cast off the numbness that comes with being afraid to feel either the rage or the pain.

– From the journal of Pyra Andraste